The winter weather is upon us! Snow, wind, and ice can be the most brutal elements. If your canopy is on the newer side (less than 10 years old), you should have nothing to worry about as the winter months come sliding in. To note, make sure you are doing proper maintenance on your canopy to provide longevity.

If your property or gas station has a visibly older canopy, the inclement weather could pose a problem, especially if you have not had it inspected or maintained. The safety of employees and customers is important. If the canopy is not draining properly this can allow the snow, ice, and water to back up onto the canopy. If it is not level, the weight/load caused can develop issues with the canopy structure.

The age of the canopy paired with the harsh winter weather can create serious hazards for people under or around the canopy. Severe swaying, tilting, and corners at differing elevations are potential signs that the canopy needs to be taken out of operation until it can be deemed safe.

Initial overall appearance concerns you can check for include:

  • One corner dipping at a different elevation than others
  • Significant swaying, mostly seen in older single or inline canopy designs
  • New cracks in concrete around the columns
  • Significant rusting around the base of column – good to check this each fall especially with all the salt that can be around the column where used heavily
  • Excessive water on top of canopy – pooling in certain areas vs the same amount across deck/gutter
  • Ensure all drains are working properly

Hiring a third-party inspector, if you feel there could be a concern, will determine what action will need to be taken. In many of these instances, the canopy will need to be updated, or even demolished, as the safety of the customers is the top priority. Austin Mohawk offers inspections regionally and can offer guidance on the best direction based on initial discussion and pictures.

Contact Austin Mohawk for assistance with any concerns you may have. We can provide a quote on repairs or a new canopy.

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