We often receive calls from frantic customers who have fallen victim to a large truck or construction vehicle that has struck their fueling canopy and caused unsightly cosmetic damage to their fascia, gutters, and decking. These events can also cause extensive leaking that will ultimately increase stress levels.

Here at Austin Mohawk, we are adept at evaluating the extent of damage, generating an estimate for repair costs, and turning raw materials into customer solutions – in an expedient fashion. Occasionally, this process requires a site inspection. Our team of engineers are dispatched quickly to minimize the duration of the disaster. 

The scope of repair is not only affected by the extent of damage, but also by the overall condition of the canopy. Sometimes in these types of situations, it just makes sense to replace all decking, gutters, and fascia.

On the other hand, we are certainly sensitive to the economic times in which we live. We understand that minimizing repair costs while restoring the appearance and functionality of the canopy are often the primary concerns of our customers.

To that end, we have the acumen to splice in sections of material, and oftentimes, disguise the existence of repair to the naked eye. 

For example, compare these two photographs of a beige, standing seam fascia that Austin Mohawk recently repaired. We were able to color match the paint and replace only a handful of damaged panels!

While it is our hope that you never experience damage like this, if you do, remember to reach out to Austin Mohawk – so we can make it like the damage never even happened!

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