Whether it is snow, wind, rain, or heat – Austin Mohawk has you covered!

Here in New York, we’re entering our wonderful winter weather season! Folks around here know the importance of protecting and covering their equipment to ensure the longevity and potential warranty of onsite products. Whether your business has water piping, petroleum equipment, or any type of application that requires long-term usage, it’s important to consider enclosed coverage.

Beyond New York, there are different reasons to consider these alternatives. High winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, and more! Perhaps you need the equipment climate-controlled?

These are all valid reasons to consider what an Austin Mohawk storage cover building unit can do for you. We offer multiple custom solutions that help you protect the inevitable atrophy of your equipment.

Depending on your access needs, we can include double swing doors, roll-up doors, or roof access hatches. We also can include a climate-controlled environment with HVAC systems.

If field assembly is preferred, this is a cost-effective option for coverage and straightforward assembly with step-by-step instructions included.

Pictured to the left is water and pump equipment that a client determined was critical to cover. This new facility had multiple areas around the property that had equipment in need of protection. After careful review, we were able to provide this design option for them to install in the field over the existing conditions and allow for additional equipment to be added in the future.

Here at Austin Mohawk, we were able to work with the client to provide a product that could quickly be assembled in the field. Our storage booths are custom, so if this was smaller, the full assembly would be possible in our shop. However, the equipment that needed to be covered was so massive, that assembly in the field was the way to go. With our custom design team, we’re always willing to work both ways.

Always remember – it’s critical to protect and maintain your equipment. When you’re looking for feasible solutions regardless of size, Austin Mohawk can help.

Please contact us today for further assistance with your project!

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