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Almost every time Austin Mohawk sells a canopy, our sister company, Beechgrove Construction will install it. However, on certain occasions when customers want to install the canopy themselves, Austin Mohawk will provide customers with the proper details to do so.

Constructing a canopy may seem like a large feat, however, the main components of Austin Mohawk canopies are red iron and sheet metal. We only use bolt-action methods of assembly.  Since a canopy structure is bolt-action, it negates the need to use an infield welder.

Austin Mohawk makes sure to include builder copy drawings, which show in more detail how the canopy parts connect to one another to make a final product. If things aren’t making sense, our Austin Mohawk team is standing by to answer any questions the contractor may have with regards to erection.

If you are interested in further details on installation or installing an Austin Mohawk product in your region, please contact us at


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