As times have changed over the years, the focus on being able to control who enters your facility has become a mandatory requirement. Utilizing restricted entrances and exits are the best way to capture these important logistics. 

Here at Austin Mohawk, we specialize in all projects that involve Access Control Point-type scenarios. Moreover, we look to provide booths that meet your specifications and site details.

If your facility is on a military base, bullet-resistant materials are available as a standard option. This can be an important addition for other usages as well. Sometimes, you may need just the presence of access control. Our aluminum line of products can be economical and meet your tighter schedule for lead times.

Austin Mohawk also realizes your project may require certain details you may not be familiar with. We work with several partners who can provide additional aspects of security. Whether your control point is tied to vehicles or folks entering, we can accommodate these interests through turnstile entrances, bollards, or security gates. 

Let us help facilitate the complete package of an access control point program. Our design team is always ready to help with these recommendations and can discuss with all involved parties. With current challenges to the global supply chain, we know timing is quite critical. We work from beginning to end with your team to make sure your project happens on a timely basis. As a direct manufacturer, we ensure your timing is met. 

Call us today or email, and let us know how we can assist.


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