Here at Austin Mohawk, we know that everyone has different scenarios when it comes to securing your site.

You may manage a property that has hundreds of acres or an intricate design layout. When that is the case, a permanently placed security booth may not be enough. Furthermore, you need more than rotating security cameras to confirm you're protected against adversity. Our solution is to utilize a mobile security booth. Our product consists of a guard booth customized to your specifications. The mobile guard booth is ready to go with heat, AC, and a generator hook up. A dual axle trailer is towable by most vehicles. There is never a problem making your site secure with this setup.

When you have a problem on-site, a mobile booth allows you to recognize, decide, and react to the situation. Our clients continue to say this is the best way to address security concerns spread out over vast areas. Please contact us today to learn about more mobile booth options!

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