Crating is sometimes the forgotten part of the process of purchasing a new shelter, but it is just as important as any other step. Austin Mohawk’s aluminum shelters are typically shipped out knocked down and in pieces, so a proper crate is essential. In order to get the shelter from our factory to your job site, a proper crate must be constructed to protect the shelter during transit and keep all materials together so nothing is lost. The crate must be sturdy enough to hold up during multi-day transits. It must be secure enough so that no material is able to fall out. It must be compact so that shipping costs can be kept to a minimum. And finally, it must be easy to handle using regular equipment, such as a forklift or pallet jack. Austin Mohawk’s master crate builders are always sure that each of these requirements is met for every crate that leaves our facility. With an on-time, damage-free delivery you will be able to avoid additional on-site costs for equipment and crew delays.


** In most cases a standard forklift is required to unload crates. Please be sure to check with your Salesperson to confirm what type of equipment will be required to unload your shelter at the time of delivery.

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