Austin Mohawk offers a wide array of standard sizes and designs for shelters, but we also enjoy working on projects that require a custom design. In many cases, we can take a standard design and tweak it to fit a custom need, but there are some projects that require a ground-up custom design. This was the case when the Long Island Rail Road was in need of new train station shelters. Austin Mohawk was able to design and manufacture a custom steel shelter to meet all of their stringent specifications.

Custom elements include:

  • Fully welded steel shelter shipped fully assembled and ready to be used on site.
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame (20-year warranty) with primer/paint finish to ensure maximum corrosion resistance in the salty atmosphere of Long Island.
  • Thousands of possible color combinations for the frame and roof (20-year warranty).
  • Laminated safety glass to create maximum visibility and a safe, secure environment.
  • Snow guards to prevent snow and ice from falling from the roof.
  • Bird spikes to prevent birds from perching in the rafters.

Be sure to reach out to Austin Mohawk for your next design-build project!

  • LIRR 2
  • LIRR 2
  • LIRR Interior

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