The world is in uncharted territory with the Covid-19 virus pandemic. As a country, we have sought to pull together on extreme measures to combat this invisible enemy. The collective goal is to slow the spread and protect everyone. Those on the front lines are taking it even further. With resources being tapped into in an unprecedented way, Personal Protective Equipment is a necessity. Here at Austin Mohawk, we have developed a “clean room” booth for helping those in the health industry address this dire scene. We refer to them as “Mobile Swab Booth”, and it’s ready to go now!

Many unique scenarios are occurring across the country from the virus. In many most cases, it’s difficult to even get a test to confirm if a patient has the virus. Admittance to a hospital is also not guaranteed either. Larger cities are mobilizing outdoors as hospital rooms are being filled up. We have created a 4’ x 4’ booth that protects health officials while allowing them to test potentially infected patients. A nurse/doctor/administrator can stand in the booth and process tests at a safe and secure rate. PPE gloves are utilized so the representative has a safe atmosphere and does not risk infection and further spread. The booths feature heat and even air conditioning to make sure it’s comfortable as the process occurs. We are even customizing the booth to be pressurized and make sure no potentially harmful elements enter the booth. This is the ultimate PPE protection that is needed for those on the front lines! Our booths are mobile and can be dropped in place in any location. With forklift pockets in the base frame, each booth can be moved around from location to location. This type of mobile aspect allows you to move quickly and efficiently when potential “hot zones” pick up and processing is needed.

This swab booth is customizable to any size. If there was a desire to have multiple health representatives inside the “clean room”, we can expand the square footage. You can have anywhere from a 4’ x 4’ featured to even 15’ x 40’. We can even mass produce these in order to meet the issues of not only this pandemic, but any pandemics that may occur in the future. The goal is to be ready and our Swab Booth concept can empower you to do just that.

Please contact us with any thoughts or questions on PPE applications.

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