When it comes time to obtain a quote for your canopy project the most important goal to remember is that there is no such thing as too much information right at the beginning of the process. When customers email or phone in a request we ask as many questions as possible to make sure we get the correct scope of work (SOW). Some may find our questioning irrelevant since all they are looking for is a budget price. However, there’s a method to our madness. Every canopy is designed for its specific site location and scope of work. We are often asked if we have a “standard/stock” model - the answer is no they are all designed specifically for You.

The main reason customers receive quotes is to find the most economic and highest-quality product. We can only quote based on the information given, and the last thing a customer wants to be told is that they owe more than originally planned. Receiving all the pertinent information ahead of time will minimize the possibility of incurring unbudgeted costs.

Giving us access to all of the documents and specifications at once will let us comb through all of the information and locate what is important to be called out on our quote. It also allows us to know if we need to get a PE (professional engineer) involved in the quoting process, for any number of reasons. The most common of these are geo-tech reports, if the canopy is up against a building or because the loading requirements are unusual for that particular location or project-specific.

If you do not have “formal” documentation, that’s no problem at all! We can quote based on the information given and can always update costs if your details change. We strive to make the process of purchasing one of our canopies as painless as possible, servicing you with a quality product & responsive customer service, in order to do so we need to ask those “annoying” questions and get all the answers upfront.

To assist with this process, we have included below a link to our standard Canopy Quote checklist or give us a call we look forward to assisting with your next project!


Quote Checklist

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