Here at Austin Mohawk, we know there is no such thing as “perfect site conditions”. Whether the site issues are natural, or man-made, each site has its own set of challenges. These challenges need to be overcome while maintaining the structural integrity of every one of our canopies as well as the overall appearance of every canopy we manufacture.

A good example of how we adapt to man-made obstacles, is this stunning Mobil branded, parallelogram canopy. The challenge was the drive access and proximity to road & store. By offering skewed ends on this design the fueling stations still receive proper coverage and the drive pattern allowance is maintained. We work with architects & engineering to assist in site pre-planning to ensure you have the maximum amount of coverage regardless of the site parameters you may be challenged with. Contact us today to let us know how we can be of assistance on your next project.

  • parallelogram canopy

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