Often, you’ll have an idea for a security booth and you will need a “point guard” to help with the design process. Custom work is exciting and we encourage it! If you have a design team already prepped, we still recommend you reach out to us. We will always advocate partnering with Austin Mohawk for a design-build process. These types of collaborative efforts can be beneficial for both parties. No design team in place? You can work with us directly, we are always open-minded!

We worked with an owner on an impressive design. They wanted a booth that had a “tasteful style” with two-tone colors and tinted windows. Bundling that with a standing seam hip roof, you have a booth that was essentially “organically” designed. Better yet, our engineering department and project manager were able to provide multiple custom options to choose from. Again, design-build with Austin Mohawk gets all the options in front of you sooner than later.

This service isn’t limited to end users. Anyone who reaches out to us has this available to them. We can provide sample drawings, pictures, pricing for budgeting and testimonials as well. As a manufacturer, we want to make your procurement search as flawless as possible. One-stop shop is an understatement!


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