Austin Mohawk provides PE stamped drawings for every canopy, at the time of order, which includes foundation size/rebar requirements along with the structural requirements needed for the specific location.

If a project has drawings/specifications with the requirements identified for loading: wind, live, snow & seismic, these details are incorporated into the PE stamped drawings. The Geotech report if available is also used to determine the soil bearing capacity.

But what if these items are not provided? Below is the list of our standard design guidelines:

Design loads - Each canopy is designed based on the specific basic wind speeds, ground snow loads, wind loads and seismic load standards for each specific site address. Providing a complete address at the time of drawing request is important as some city/townships can fall under different requirements depending on the exact site location. Design loads are per International Building Code requirements.

2000 PSF soil bearing capacity

Risk factor category II

Bldg classification B

L/180 to L/200 deflection criteria

All design fabrication and erection of structural steel shall conform to the latest AISC specifications.

All design fabrication and erection of cold-formed steel shall conform to the latest AISI specifications.

1 ft burial (top of the grade to top of footings) is used as the typical standard at the time of quotation along with the assumption that there are no grade changes under the canopy; so if the site requirement differs that should be included in the information provided in advance.

Please see our full canopy specifications on the website for further details.

Again, the notification must be provided if any of the required factors differ from above to ensure that the PE stamped drawings meet your specific site/township requirements. Having the right information at the time of drawing requests saves time & money!  Lead times are critical in this industry and we want to ensure that revisions to the drawings due to incomplete information are not delaying the project from moving forward and being able to obtain the site permit.

Please contact us today with any questions and how we can further assist with your project.

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