As summer fades, colder weather is on the way. Throughout most of the country, this certainly means adverse weather as well. Fire suppression equipment, petroleum tanks, computer equipment, surveillance systems, and many other types of equipment can benefit from added protection. Ice and snow, bundled with heavy salt usage, can aggressively deteriorate expensive equipment. Austin Mohawk has a plan to help you out with these challenges. We have been ahead of the game for decades when it comes to the preservation of your investments!

Once you decide you need to protect your equipment, you need to ask yourself several questions:

1)      What is your budget?

2)      What is your time frame?

3)      What are your expectations/enclosure access needs?

Our equipment covers come in customized & varied styles. If you are looking to save money, an aluminum enclosure may be the way to go. The material is less expensive than a welded steel product and can improve your lead time & enclosure performance over time.

  • Maybe you want to have a storage cover that is painted with one of our many custom colors. We can help with that option as well.
  • We offer aesthetically pleasing standing seam hip roofs or even our standard flat roofs.
  • Another valuable option is exploring a custom door design. Sometimes you may be adding or removing equipment, adding a double swing door or a vertical sliding door can be very valuable.
  • If you want to condition the storage container, we have you covered there too.
  • We can also add a load center to facilitate power for heat and/or air conditioning. These can be beneficial with the weather conditions for your area.
  • We are also happy to offer a professional engineers stamp and provide loads and calculations for your specific area!

We will always strive to extend our customer’s expectations. A turnkey storage building is a great way to do just that. With so many customizable options, we are certain to find the right fit for you.

Please reach out today!

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