As the fall season is upon us and the Covid-19 virus continues to be an issue around the world, Schools and Universities are utilizing our Covid-19 booths to make sure the safest testing centers are established as part of their goal to re-open and provide a safe environment for learning.

Here at Austin Mohawk, we realize the pressure everyone in this country & around the world is under with the need to battle the ongoing pandemic. With second waves already being forecasted, the efforts that went into reopening institutions may be in jeopardy and Austin Mohawk is dedicated to assisting in safe environment solutions. Austin Mohawk developed this booth to be an easily accessible strategy for facilitating Covid-19 testing in hot zones.

With our decades of designing prefabricated booths, we are able to create a sterile clean room that helps combat the health risks that could occur. This booth is the evolution of ultimate PPE protection.

The booth includes:

  • Ease of Mobility – 4’ x 4’ size with forklift pockets to help offer flexibility as your location needs change (booths can be customized to different sizes as well).
  • Pressurized with Merv 16 air filters in order to maintain a clean environment inside. 
  • PPE gloves attached to the front glass offer repetitive use within the clean room & reduce PPE costs.
  • Outside of the booth, a cleaning bucket, table &  resources are supplied by the facility doing the testing to collect the samples. The testing facility would set up supplies and cleaning agents outside the booth for the attendee to access to perform duties. Roll up tables make sense because the attendee can access everything to perform the tasks. They create a workstation outside of the booth to perform what’s necessary for testing. 

For assistance in setting up your professional Covid-19 center, reach out to us today!

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