With the current state of the world, measures must be taken to ensure social distancing. If you are in the petroleum world (or would like to be), you will certainly have some difficult decisions to make with your projects. Our customers are considering all possible options to meet these challenges head-on.

Many of our customers are embracing a smaller footprint for fuel sales. 250 square foot booths that act as a fueling station are quite popular. You can keep your attendant safely inside behind the window, and all cash exchanges are done through a pass-thru drawer. This creates a safe zone for your employees and offers speedy service to your customers. Safety target achieved!

Additionally, the booth can be spec’d with an attendant restroom and electrical room inside. It is important to note that your booth does not have to be limited to 250 square feet. We can provide shippable dimensions for up to 600 square feet. You can design the booth to allow for sellable products within the booth as well. Our team can work with you on the design to accommodate those features. And don’t forget, we fabricate canopies as well! One stop shop Austin Mohawk today for your petroleum needs!

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