There are times when customers would like to split the shipment of the canopy into separate deliveries due to site scheduling or lead times. Austin Mohawk can accommodate this request in one of two ways:

  1. Columns early – we will ship the columns in advance of the balance of materials – requires an additional freight to the site and the columns are placed by others. 
  2. Steel early – we ship out all the steel components to the jobsite with the remainder of the canopy scheduled on the 2nd shipment later. Typically, steel early is installed by our subcontractors and does require an additional freight charge (depending on canopy size) as well as an additional mobilization charge for equipment and crew.

There is no right or wrong way to have the canopy shipped to the site and the majority are shipped & installed under one mobilization; which does require the top of the foundation to be “boxed out”.

"Boxing out" foundations means the onsite contractor will place forms around the top of the already poured footers (that hold the canopy anchor rods) to allow for the column/baseplates to be placed at a later date and can then carry on with pouring the concrete/drive pad.

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the Pros and Cons to consider making the best decision.


Allows for more flexibility in the schedule – site contractors can proceed with:

  • Drain tie-in.
  • Conduit tie-in.
  • Single pour concrete work incorporating around column and islands.
  • If the canopy has long lead time items such as image fascia systems, galvanizing, or painting, allow for more schedule flexibility and work to be done earlier in the schedule.


Additional cost for freight and additional mobilizations.

Subcontractor availability to offload and install in multiple mobilizations.

If columns or steel are taken, deliver only the responsibility to ensure they are installed per the PE drawings including plumbness, alignment and elevations are the responsibility of the others instead of under Austin Mohawk/Beechgrove Construction warranty for work.

Unsure how best to proceed with your specific site situation, give us a call! We are pleased to assist in upfront scheduling.


  • steel early

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