With things moving back in the right direction, sporting events were destined to come back into focus. Projects that were derailed during the pandemic are now becoming hot topics for schools, parks, and universities across the country. Nothing says school pride more than focusing on athletics. At Austin Mohawk, we are one of the leaders in press box manufacturing. Our objective is to provide a custom plan for your press box needs. You can choose sizes anywhere from 40 sqft. to up to 750 sqft.

Moreover, we can design the interior to your desire. For example, if you wanted to separate the home and away teams, you could add a partition to the middle. Maybe you want to have your area split into three rooms. This is also possible! You can certainly cool and heat your press box as well. We have several options to choose from when it comes to conditioning the area. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your design thoughts. One of the most popular features we offer is a custom camera deck. Members that are invited to your press box can open a hatch at the top and catch views from the roof. This is our most popular custom feature for our products.

By setting your press box, you have many options for layout. You can place the press box on bleachers or you can order stairs and a platform so the booth can be freestanding on its own. Our focus is to help you set up an area that best suits your needs for a press box. If you are within our installer network, we can arrange for full service! Manufacturing, shipping, and installation are all included. Please contact us for further details on that. Another fantastic option is to connect a few press boxes together with a catwalk. Each press box can have a camera deck with fencing. You can make it across all three areas. Perfect for photo opportunities.

Here at Austin Mohawk, we are serious about press boxes. We want to be included in your future press box plans. Please feel free to contact us today!

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