It’s important to be able to support your school’s athletic programs. Whether you have large or small programs, you want to be able to help recognize and give all student athletes the exposure they deserve. It is important to have a press box in place for your school’s media team or others. There are so many details that go into maximizing the exposure student athletes deserve.

Working with Austin Mohawk press boxes is a great first step! We are here to provide design/layout options and consider all budget constraints you may have.

This design is especially effective as you don’t need to tie it into any bleachers. Supporting structure is designed as part of the Pressbox!
The camera deck built into the roof is especially effective for capturing views you couldn’t get otherwise, you can capture all those action moments on the field!

Minimal field work is required to accommodate this Pressbox and the supporting structure. No need to have an architect try and link this into your existing layout. Save time and money like many schools around the country do when they work with us.

Our steel press boxes are elevated in house with a one stop shop program. We will fabricate the booth, the platform, the tread plate stairs, and even do the install. Our design team will help with any type of design ideas you have.

Custom work press boxes is our specialty. If you have a vision for your school, we would love to help facilitate it for you, whether it’s layout on the inside or school colors on the outside. Choose from aluminum or steel booths and we can account for any details you like.

View our Pressbox section of the website to see some of the various different designs we have facilitated for others.

If you have any questions or ideas, reach out to us today! We can’t wait to help increase the team Spirit at your school.

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