When the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY was in need of shelters for an auxiliary parking lot, Austin Mohawk was up for the challenge. This project required a total of six shelters; four in 10’ x 10’ dimensions, and two in 5’ x 10’ dimensions. The shelters are designed to provide protection from the harsh Central New York elements for people using the Fairgrounds Shuttle system. Since this parking lot is located across a busy Interstate highway from the Fairgrounds, it is critical that people have a comfortable place to wait for their shuttle ride.

This project had several strict requirements, and Austin Mohawk was up for the task. The shelters needed to be tough enough to withstand any potential vandalism from rowdy fair/concert-goers. This was accomplished by using ¼” shatter-resistant polycarbonate for the window panels and 3/8” high-impact acrylic for the roof domes. The shelters also needed to be sturdy enough to withstand Syracuse’s extremely high snow-load requirements. Through a Professional Engineer review and official Stamp, Austin Mohawk was able to ensure that these shelters would meet all load requirements for the area. Another important consideration is the potential for corrosion, thanks to snow, rain, and salt-use. The durable anodized aluminum structure of the shelters is the perfect deterrent to corrosion and will provide many years of low-maintenance use.

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