Facilitate the entrance for your students, colleagues, and local fans at all sporting events. Our prefabricated ticket booth showcases four windows to ease admittance to the game on a Friday night. Each window has enough room to exchange cash or a credit card machine for processing. The four-bay window creates organization to get the job done. Cash drawers are located underneath the inside as well.

We recommended this model for a Dallas based school that was getting a massive response in attendance from local media and fans. The school wanted to make sure the attendants had enough space to operate within the booth, so this model made sense. The staff was relieved to be able to address the massive amount of tickets being sold once the stadium doors opened and provide an aesthetically appealing product that will last for years to come.

This building includes all aluminum materials to provide longevity and hold its sleek appearance. The windows were customized in-house to include speak-thru and pass-thru hatches for easy payment transactions.

With our ticket booths, we still capture the custom work approach that allows flexibility with the booth. Whether it’s four windows or ten windows, we can meet your rising demand for fans at sporting events.

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