One of the advantages of choosing Austin Mohawk for your next project is the design flexibility of our prefabricated product lines. Using our standard aluminum extrusion system, we are able to design and provide a wide array of products to fit a wide array of needs. Examples include standard Bus/Smokers Shelters, Guard Booths, Press Boxes, Stairway Enclosures, Windscreens, and Vestibules. With the extensive list of applications, Austin Mohawk is typically able to keep costs lower than many competitors as well as field-built alternatives.

The vestibule shown in this photo was custom designed for a DOT facility in Massachusetts. This structure is designed from the same basic materials that are used for a standard Bus Shelter. The vestibule provides an extra layer of security along with additional weather protection for people entering and exiting the facility. The peaked roof was specially designed and PE Stamped to withstand the heavy snow loads for the area. The roofing material was a specific color match to match the roof of the building. The tinted glass adds to the security of the unit by providing privacy and improves the look of the design.
This particular project also proved to be a great example of the flexibility of Austin Mohawk products when changes need to be made mid-project. A last-minute increase to the height of the door on the building created a clearance issue for the original design of this vestibule. The vestibule was already fabricated and was not tall enough to clear the height of the door on the building. Our Engineering and Fabrication teams were able to come up with a quick retro-fit that increased the height of the vestibule and looks like it was part of the original design intent. The extra section of material above the glass and below the roof was all it took to modify this vestibule to be a perfect fit. This project proved to be a perfect example of Austin Mohawk’s ability to adapt from start to finish of a project.

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