The Water Treatment Plant in Orange County South Florida wanted to revitalize its location with the right guard booth for its team. Moreover, they wanted to take adequate measures to ensure that the new facility would be state of the art for one of the country’s largest wastewater treatment plants. Security is critical in these types of operations. Guards need to be ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice. We are here to help facilitate this.

A prefabricated 8’ x 20’ steel building was requested by the county’s partner MWH and Austin Mohawk fit the bill. The booth consists of plenty of floor space for security, an ADA bathroom, and a storage room. There is insulation throughout the booth and a heavy duty HVAC to capture the proper climate control that’s desired. Other features include double pane tinted vinyl windows, LED lighting, and a standing seam hip roof. The color selection matches up with the color scheme that Orange County wanted to highlight with their new roll out. Quite the high-end booth!

Projects like Orange County require attention to detail that Austin Mohawk can always provide. Whether your project has critical elements or is quick to market, we are here to make sure it’s to your specification and on time. This booth was shipped late October and is turn key for the waste treatment plant.

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