Being a custom manufacturer means you get your product the way you want. We are thrilled when our customers innovate and ask us to customize the booth to their wishes. Our sales reps and designers have no limit to their creativity and imagination. There are endless benefits to partnering with Austin Mohawk to get what you envision! If you have your own thoughts, we are happy to provide support and guidance. If you need some direction, we are here for that as well. We will work with anyone to help meet your demands.

The University of Connecticut needed to add an additional parking lot to their collegiate sports venue. They imagined a “rustic” type look with a parking booth for their layout. A standing seam hip roof and a brick veneer were certainly in consideration with the design process. Once we provided submittal drawings highlighting those features, the school was thrilled. Together, we captured the style they desired with the layout. This will always be our goal. 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Brick Veneer

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