Thanks to our versatile and customizable product lines, Austin Mohawk is able to assist with a wide variety of project requirements

Using our standard aluminum shelter line as a starting point, we are able to meet the needs of almost any type of shelter project. Our simple, modular design is easily customizable and improves the aesthetic of any location it is placed in.

Recently, a casino replaced several ‘Shuttle-Stop’ shelters in their parking areas. The shelters needed to provide a warm, well-lit space for guests to wait for the shuttle to arrive and bring them to the casino.  

Their previous shelters were constructed from steel and were severely rusted, giving a dilapidated appearance to the parking area. Austin Mohawk shelters are constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum, designed with longevity in mind. 

We equipped these shelters with specific customizations in order to create the warm, secure space the customer had envisioned. 

Customization included:

  • Seating
  • Doors
  • Infrared Heater
  • LED lighting

This type of sealed structure blocks cold wind, rain, and snow… all while keeping heat trapped inside. The standing seam hip roof provides a classy appearance and with more than 20 standard color choices available, finding the unique look they desired was a breeze!


We can easily design your own custom structure to ensure you take home the exact product you want and need! 

Utilizing Austin Mohawk’s interactive design tool to build your own customized prefabricated structure. Did we mention that you will also receive a free quote? 

If you’re interested in a specific or custom Austin Mohawk product or have questions regarding installation in your region, please reach out to us at Let’s create something together!

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