In this day and age there are a ton of “buzzwords” being thrown around about protecting and fortifying our schools. One of the most important terms that shouldn’t be ignored is Access Control Point or “ACP.” Here at Austin Mohawk, we specialize in this product line. All across the nation, educational facilities are pursuing Access Control Points to hedge against unfortunate events. That being said, what exactly is an Access Control Point?

An Access Control Point is a point in your security plan that can stop intruders and verify those who are entering the premises. Specifically, the Access Control Point is the entry/exit corridor at the perimeter of a facility. For our customers, we provide a turn-key guard booth that can be stationed at the primary entrance of your school/facility. Our booths can be custom-designed to meet the requirements of your facility. Size and shape do not matter to us. We are looking to accommodate your situation and maximize the sense of security at school

Our booths can be bullet resistant with mirrored glass to really capture a sense of being aware and alert. It’s critical to utilize the strongest role as a security deterrent outside of the school. Uniformed security staff should be stationed in an exterior guard booth where they can see what is approaching the school, provide security, and check in visitors. We can help you design the best-fit Access Control Point solution to meet this.

We understand urgency. Our design team can work with you to make sure you have an adequate timeline. However, we also have booths that can ship within 48 hours if you are looking to move forward with immediate security. More and more, schools are realizing that we need to spend less time debating and more time on actual action.  

Access Control Points will continue to be a popular solution for many years to come. We understand that the best security solutions are the ones that are already in place. Now is the time to start! If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to reach out to us today: 

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