Time crunches are alive and well! When you receive the green light on your projects, you know you’re up against the clock with procuring material. You attempt to leave no stone unturned. Nevertheless, there’s only so much you can control. That’s where Austin Mohawk can step in.

 As a fabricator, we are able to work directly with you to plan the timing for your project. We recently had an aggressive project with a company that dealt with US Customs. There were many barriers that were necessary to not only get the project running, but also keep it going. This project called for Level 3 Bullet Resistant booths which have longer lead-times than standard steel booths. We were able to engage in a dialogue with the end-user that helped save countless project hours. Our buyers, project managers, and suppliers are able to work together and make sure everything is accounted for. We know how important the timelines are to you.

Another hurdle can be when there are issues with specifications. Our design team can work with your architects to help establish the desirable scope. Our customer had several scope issues that really needed clarification. Again, our team is able to step in and provide guidance with these situations. One stop shop is an understatement with Austin Mohawk. You simply cannot put a value on service like that. Reach out to us today for all your custom needs!

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