We pride ourselves on our abilities as a manufacturer of bullet-resistant booths. We source the highest quality materials to meet bullet resistance for all levels which includes 1 through 8 (interested in what level you need we can help!). Our bullet resistant booths are a steel welded product that is manufactured in our shop. We utilize our forward-thinking engineering and production team to proudly manufacture our products to your specifications. Bullet resistant material can also be used for other products. We are able to make bullet-resistant vestibules, shelters, and other unique items. We are always open-minded to custom requests as well. We enjoy design-build projects and our team is constantly standing ready to hear about them.


This bullet resistant booth has been fabricated for an access control point in the Midwest army base. The walls and glass are BR Level 3. The booth consists of a sliding door, heat, electrical hookups, a rooftop AC, and a work station. This model represents our standard for offerings, but there will always be additional options that can be chosen. Adding a standing seam hip roof always creates an aesthetically appealing option. We also offer features such as sliding fire ports that can be built into the booth for threat level detection. Need to have the booth at a taller height? We often prepare hot-dipped galvanized platforms and stairs. This can help create a watchtower type presence. If you are looking for a true access control point, we can even offer the canopy that helps develop your entire project!


As the pandemic continues, we want to focus on helping you complete your projects. We are always available to troubleshoot ideas and provide guidance. Feel free to reach out!

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