Looking to update your site, replace components on your canopy, and not sure where to start?

Pictures reflect the before & After pictures of a location Austin Mohawk and Company LLC was asked to assist in determining how to update the canopy, the customer desired to keep the foundations & columns in place. This is a common request however depending on township regulations regarding “grandfathering” existing components & many code changes over the year can be a challenge.

Austin Mohawk offers inspections for existing canopies to evaluate the condition of the canopy and what/if any components can be used, the inspections are performed based on a standard report along with pictures and include PE review of the findings.

We are asked many times to repair/retrofit canopies and we will offer budgetary options for consideration;  Austin Mohawk always includes an inspection to confirm the final scope of work and a quality product on all retrofit work involving existing canopies.

At this location, the existing foundations and columns were re-used and the very old “ring style” Mobil double-deck design canopy was removed in conjunction with the installation of the new canopy structure which was smaller due to PE analysis and updated site design codes.

Let us know today how we can assist with your newly built or redeck/reface canopy needs.

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