Do you have a bottleneck in your current Quick Service/Drive-Thru facility?

The first glance of your establishment is the most important! Consumers do a quick check when preparing to enter a Quick Service/ Drive-Thru Restaurant to see how long the wait will be. Today’s consumer has an expectation of immediate service with a “no line/no waiting” philosophy.” The last thing your customer wants to see is a line all the way down the street from your quick service restaurant. They are in a rush and know your service will either make or break their day’s schedule and can easily decide to drive on to the next option.

With that in mind, here’s a solution for QSRs with heavy traffic. An outdoor attendant kiosk can help relieve processing time at your drive-thru by creating an additional point of sale. Your employees will be able to take and process orders and keep the flow going to the pick-up window on a timely basis. Furthermore, our kiosk can protect your employee from the elements.

As shown, your kiosk can include a 4 ft overhang with an LED light underneath capturing the necessary safety and security. The picture shows an example of a few of our repeat volume buildings, all the same design for aesthetic consistency at your facilities. Whether you need 1, 3 or 25 we are able to meet your specific design & volume needs. All our kiosks can be fabricated & staged for delivery to meet your schedule.

On Spec, On Code & On Time!

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