Austin Mohawk provides prefabricated solutions for a wide range of applications, from complex international border crossing Guard Booths to simple Parking Attendant Booths. This particular booth is on the simple end of the spectrum and was a perfect fit for the needs of the customer. This project took place right here in our hometown of Utica, NY. After the arrival of the AHL’s Utica Comets hockey franchise, parking needs at the Utica Memorial Auditorium began to rise exponentially. With the expanding need for parking came the need for attendants to collect parking fees. Being that hockey season comes in the winter, (and winter in Utica, NY usually means temperatures below freezing and a lot of snow) the job of the attendant could be very tough without some sort of shelter from the elements. This is where Austin Mohawk came in. We were able to supply two booths, fully enclosed with locking doors and counter space. While we do offer electrical, heat and lighting in our standard booths, these items were deleted in this case, due to the lack of electrical power supply to the booth locations. By deleting these items, we were able to supply an economical option that fit exactly what was needed for the job. Since the booths are fully assembled in our shop, installation was a breeze, requiring only a forklift on site to unload and set the buildings on their concrete pads. Once the anchors were drilled into the concrete, installation was complete and the booths were ready to serve the Parking Attendants for years to come.

  • parking attendant 1
  • parking attendant 2

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