There’s no cookie cutting when it comes to custom work at Austin Mohawk. Our design team will work around the clock to capture a scope you deem essential for your project. Some options that are always inquired about are our bullet resistant windows. While we offer Levels 1-8 of bullet-resistant windows, we also offer different window tints and colors. For example, we have the ability to offer mirrored, grey, or bronze tinted bullet-resistant windows. Each selection keeps your options open when designing your booth.

If you are looking for a guard booth that makes sure there is no vision for outsiders, mirrored tinted bullet-resistant glass is the way to go. The reflection on the outside is solid, concealing the folks who reside in the booth. This is a very popular selection for military applications. A bronze and grey tinted window provides cover from heavy sunlight and allows for folks outside to see inside. Clear bullet-resistant windows are also available and tend to be popular as well.

Always let us know your specifications and your thoughts. We appreciate working with customers to develop a path that works!

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