Adding years to your equipment has unparalleled value. When you protect important features of your assets, you are acting with great fiscal responsibility. One of our specialties at Austin Mohawk is fabricating custom storage equipment booths that can meet your needs on this topic. This product line continues to be one of the big sellers for us at Austin Mohawk. Every week, our design team is challenged to come up with solutions for customers who need to cover any and all of the following:

  • Fire suppression equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Fuel and petroleum lines
  • Underground access points
  • DEF mobile units
  • Other miscellaneous areas of importance

Our team is able to meet your specifications or offer feasible solutions that give attention to these items. Our factory-built equipment covers will beat the timing you need for projects. We can also make whatever size you are looking for. Moreover, a professional engineer can stamp the drawings for your state. We have all the bases covered.

Did we mention the 4’ x 6’ booth featured here is for sale! This equipment storage booth is already fabricated and comes with a load center, LED light, and air conditioning. You simply set the booth down and it’s ready to go. We typically recommend placing the booth on a concrete pad and connecting it to power. The installation is less than two hours for the booth. Contact us today for pricing on this booth at

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