Here at Austin Mohawk, we are the leader in custom perimeter protection. Our Access Control Point Booths are the most critical point of any perimeter system. They are designed to accommodate whatever your preference is. If your school is extremely large, you may want to have multiple officers on duty. We can fabricate a booth that will properly address that style. Is your school possibly located in a dangerous area? We are the leader in bullet resistant booths, too! Level 2 through Level 8 is available for your custom design. We can even design your booth to have multiple sections including bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. We consider our booth as the command center for your security. Your center of protection and your line of defense for the school is in place right here!

There are always going to be questions on these types of projects. Our team works with architects, designers, and project managers on a daily basis. We are not a cookie cutter type fabricator. We specialize in creating exactly what the end user desires. 

There are always going to be questions, and we will work with all parties to get answers. We enjoy being a catalyst in the perimeter protection industry. 

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