One of the most common questions we hear from customers is “How can we establish a secure perimeter 24/7?” After all, a property can have hundreds of acres. 

It’s not always feasible to set up stationary guard booths all over a property this large. Having camera views covering an area this massive can also be difficult. 

The solution?

The mobile security booth. Having a mobile booth can be a fantastic solution for large-scale properties. When you are able to establish an active perimeter through mobility, you can become more diverse in security. Our product consists of a guard booth customized to your specifications. The mobile guard booth is ready to go with heat, AC, and a generator hook-up, and the dual axle trailer is towable by most vehicles. There may not be a better way to go. Moreover, this can provide cost savings as well. Two or three mobile guard booths are certainly less expensive than 10 to 15 stationary booths. All of these items are important to consider!

Austin Mohawk also realizes your project may require certain details you may not be familiar with. We work with several partners who can provide additional security recommendations. Whether your control point is tied to vehicles or folks entering on foot, we can accommodate these areas with a diverse range of products, including turnstile entrances, bollards, or security gates. We often consider ourselves the perfect design-build partner because of all of these additional offerings. Being able to offer customizable solutions is critical to operations.

Austin Mohawk buildings will fit your specifications. There are hundreds of durable prefabricated metal buildings to choose from. Or select a custom-built steel or aluminum building; size, shape, color, materials–every aspect to the last detail is custom-made to fit your requirements. All Austin Mohawk buildings are attractive, durable, and affordable. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA for maximum functionality and rugged good looks. We offer fast turnaround and delivery too. Choose from a large selection of prefab models or ask our professional team to build you something unique.

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