When purchasing a new shelter structure there are many factors that must be considered. One of the most important factors is longevity. A shelter that is built to last will save a substantial amount of money in maintenance and replacement cost over the years. This is an especially important factor to consider in northern climates where harsh weather and salt can be especially harsh on any structure.

The photo attached here is a great example of how Austin Mohawk shelters are built to last. This photo was taken in January 2020 at an Upstate New York casino and shows a shelter that was installed in 2005. At 15 years old, this shelter still has all original materials, including glass, swing doors and roofing panels. The use of anodized aluminum for the shelter structure has made the shelter extremely corrosion resistant. This is critical for an area that requires salt on an almost daily basis during the winter months. After a full inspection, there are no issues that require attention, and it is reasonable to believe that this shelter could be in use for another 15 years, or more!

  • TS Employee AM Shelter 2005

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