When you need to set up a station for parking or security, you need folks to occupy it. Often, these spots are selected where other buildings and facilities are nearby. What happens when this isn’t the case? Does your attendant have to walk 100+ yards to use the bathroom? Will they be able to leave their location that long? These are questions that often come up when addressing layouts within areas. Furthermore, your local jurisdictions may require you to supply a restroom for your attendant.

We have your solution. A prefabricated 8’ x 15’ booth with a restroom is an absolute must for these situations. This is our most popular selling model due to the efficiency of it. When you are able to provide your attendants with this style, you slim your margin of errors for incidents and/or other problems. Our booths also come with heat, AC, sliding window, and many other accessories. The bathroom supplies will ship loose so there’s a brief install. As we do custom work, we are able to make these booths with dimensions up to 15’ x 50’. Our engineers will quickly produce submittal drawings and we are ready to start fabrication so you are ready to go with a good lead-time. Call us today with your thoughts!

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