Austin Mohawk receives requests daily for a wide variety of applications. We pride ourselves on the versatility and customization of all of our product lines. Our Aluminum shelter line is especially versatile and can be designed to meet almost any design criteria. We offer a simple, modular design that is easily customizable and improves the aesthetics of any location that it is placed in.

This particular shelter was designed from our NATSA line of shelters. NATSA, or North American Transportation Services Association, sets a basic guideline for shelter design, creating a durable and versatile basic design, with easy to maintain and repair components. Durability and ease of repair are the two defining traits of this shelter, making it perfect for almost any situation.

In this case, a Housing Development for Senior Citizens in Virginia wanted to place several shelters throughout their campus. They needed the shelters to provide a clean and protected space for the seniors to wait for the bus to take them into town. This shelter was equipped with a bench, designed to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements, leaving a space large enough for a wheelchair. The shelter frame is made of sturdy anodized aluminum, ensuring many years of low maintenance and corrosion resistance. The standing seam hip roof provides a classy appearance, and with 20+ standard color choices available, you are sure to be able to find the unique look that you desire.

Austin Mohawk really does make it easy to find the exact shelter you are looking for to fit your needs. Starting with our modular design, you are able to customize a wide range of sizes, designs, colors, and options to create the perfect shelter for your budget and environment. Contact one of our Sales representatives today to get started on your own!

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