The Case for Factory Built Buildings

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The truth is that a factory-built building may or may not cost less than the same building built on-site, depending on its complexities and local labor or union costs.

However, a long and growing list of major companies have elected to specify factory-built buildings in a wide range of applications including

  • Major Oils
  • Hypermarkets
  • Grocers
  • Lube Centers
  • Car Washes
  • Classrooms
  • QSR
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Military

I. About a Factory-Built Building

Let’s look at why:

1) No Ongoing Architectural Design Fees – Specific site-by-site building plans are no longer needed. Austin Mohawk supplies state certified building plans as part of the building cost.

2) Shorter Project Construction Schedule – Austin Mohawk Buildings are shipped complete with wiring, plumbing, HVAC; ready to be off-loaded by crane and installed in less than 1 day. The building construction can proceed in our plant while the site work is being completed, saving at least 30 days and often 60 days for onsite construction and electrical tie ins.

3) On-time Construction Completion – Factory built schedules are very accurate and are not affected by the weather.

4) Simplified Permitting – Factory-built buildings labeled with Third Party State Approval have prior state approval and gain instant C of Os.

5) Proven Quality – Each building is subjected to a 53-step manufacturing quality management process with outside Third Party oversight. Third Party oversight assures that your building will meet the International Building Code and appropriate state requirements for energy, wind load, snow load, and seismic calculations.

6) Repeatable Quality – Manufacturing detailed fabrication drawings for your building are infinitely more precise than a contractor’s manual material take off from an architect’s drawings. Building after building, built in the factory, will be virtually identical, will have no material substitutions, and all image brandings will be identical as well.

7) Flexible Design – This is a design-to-order business so we design what you want. You are not constrained to stock models.

8) Fire Resistant Design – Austin Mohawk metal factory-built buildings are fire resistant while wood stud construction is not.

9) Improved LEED Points – all metal building construction contributes toward MR Credit 4.1 and MR Credit 4.2.

10) Lower Ongoing Maintenance Costs – Factory-built buildings have 16 gauge metal impact resistant interior walls, not brittle FRP or flimsy gypsum board, and urethane and fade resistant paint finishes provide lower ongoing maintenance costs.

11) No Cost Overruns – Pre-approved factory built pricing is fixed which eliminates costly change orders.

12) Engineering Accuracy – Austin Mohawk uses a 3-dimensional parametric modeling design system which brings levels of accuracy and quality not possible with AutoCad.

II. The Site

1) Simplify Site Supervision – Our factory built buildings can come completely wired for all services. The biggest site bottleneck can be the wiring and testing of the sensitive electrical circuit demands for the fueling dispenser, submersible pump, tank gauging equipment, point of sale equipment, communication lines as well as the electrical service to the building itself. Factory pre-wiring back to the electrical panel makes it much easier for competing trades to do their work quickly and on time.

2) Lower Site Supervisor Costs  Shorter project completion times reduce construction supervision cost of the building by 33% - 50% and allow existing construction management staff to execute more projects.

3) Reduced Union, Prevailing Wage, and OSHA Exposure – Factory built buildings reduce the scope of work done onsite.

III. Reduced Risk and Improved Cash Flow

1) Fully Re-locatable – Factory built buildings can be easily picked up and relocated on the site to another site, unlike site built buildings.

2) Moveable Factory built buildings Are eligible for accelerated 7-year depreciation vs. standard construction’s 39-year depreciation. During the 1st 7 years a buyer of a factory built building will save $16,400 in taxes.

3) Reduced Material Theft and Vandalism – Factory built buildings do reduce material theft and vandalism.

4) Shorter Project Completion Times  Accelerate the date the new site will produce revenue and profit, improving ROI.

Choosing Factory Built Buildings vs. Site Built

1) May not please your architect who may receive less revenue.

2) May not please your general contractor or subcontractor who may lose billable construction hours on site.

3) Will please your construction supervisor.

4) Will please your controller.

5) Will please your shareholders.


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