Testing Building Electrical Systems

Posted by John Millet on January 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Our buildings have a complete electrical system installed and tested so the building is immediately ready to put in service when it reaches your site.

In fact, the electrical system testing we do prior to shipment exceeds that normally done on any new electrical service installation. We want our work to be right for you!

For each building we do two electrical system tests.

The first test is what we call the “HYPOT” test or High Potential Test. This test is done to make sure that there are no electrical shorts or grounds in the electrical system. To do this test, we test the system with 1080 volts for 1 second, and we test the neutral wire to the ground, the phase wire to the ground, and each phase wire to the neutral wire. Any short or ground will identify itself with an alarm.

The second test is the “live test.” In the “live test” we supply power to the electrical panel, either 120/240V single phase, or 120/208V 3 phase and test all installed electrical appliances. All receptacles and GFI receptacles get polarity tested. All switches, single pole switches and 3-way switches, heaters, lights, installed air conditioners, exhaust fans, electric door locks, intercoms and any other wired electrical appliances are tested so we know it works before we ship the building to you.

And, these electrical systems are installed to meet the NEC (National Electrical Code) by our licensed electrician to give you a safe, quality product you can be confident in. 

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