Achieving the Construction Department's Goal

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The Construction Department’s Goal is to Achieve the Desired Functionality and Brand Appearance for Less Money. This means:

✓ Shorter Construction Completion Times

✓ Reduce Cost of Materials and Labor

✓ Eliminate Change Orders

✓ No Safety or OSHA Issues

✓ Reduce Cost of Ownership

Once the materials are selected, the biggest controllable issue is the timing or staging of the materials – 1st the tanks, 2nd the submersible, 3rd the building, 4th the canopy, and 5th the dispensers. Each item has the real potential to delay the project and can come from different vendors and require different trades for their installation.

Sourcing the Factory Built Building and the Gas Island Canopy from one source solves many problems and saves money. Major oil companies used this key technique to shorten project completion times from 120 days to 90 days and then to 60 days, which has driven project management costs down to half what the costs used to be, despite the fact that sites are now more complex.

Shortening Project Completion Schedule

Coordinating 3 areas – the tank installation, the Building, and the Canopy are key to shortening a project completion schedule and achieving an on-time completion. These 3 areas are key because individually they take up much of the available space on the work site and must be done in carefully coordinated succession.

Progressive Staging at Risk

Yet the long lead time building must be in place under the canopy before the short lead time canopy is erected. Normally the lead time for a canopy from approved drawings is 4 weeks, but the Factory Built Building can range from 6 weeks to 22 weeks depending on complexity and manufacturer.

Completion Time

Savings result from shorter project completion schedules. The coordination of the Building and the Canopy need to be very closely managed to achieve faster project completions. The most significant way to achieve a short construction completion time is to use one source for both products with one phone contact which will make the project manager’s job easier.


Reliability is best achieved if the component parts are planned and coordinated in the most
efficient and dependable way.

✓ Single sourcing the Building and Canopy is the most efficient way to manage a project

✓ Single sourcing the Building and Canopy gives the project manager the best chance for an on-time completion

✓ Single sourcing the Building and Canopy allows the marketing department to plan their perishable inventory and advertising; and most importantly

✓ Single sourcing the Building and Canopy places the on-time performance upon the person who has the most amount to lose –the manufacturer.

The Austin Mohawk Difference

Austin Mohawk can be a strong player and, as such, a significant part of the solution.

  1. Austin Mohawk assigns you a project manager to project manage your job so the careful sequencing of Building and Canopy really happens.
  2. Austin Mohawk traditionally has significantly shorter lead times for their Buildings than major competitors.
  3. Austin Mohawk’s project manager will make sure your Brand Image executions and their colors match on both Building and Canopy.
  4. Austin Mohawk has national installation capacity with installers experienced in installing Canopies and unloading and setting Buildings.
  5. Austin Mohawk’s three dimensional parametric design system brings far more accuracy to the job than our competitor’s two dimensional design system.
  6. Austin Mohawk often can ship the Building on the truck with the Canopy saving the building shipping cost.

If you are trying to compete with the national competitors for return on investment, your cost for each installation must match theirs – and they have proven that single source purchasing of the Canopy and the Factory Built Building is the most reliable, best coordinated, and therefore, the lowest cost way to go.

In the end it is about trust and value. We feel trust and value are what make up our power alley offering to you.

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