Austin Mohawk Program To Create Custom Specs

“Innovation and leadership are at the root of it.”

That is what Austin Mohawk says about its new open online system that allows Architects and Engineers to develop in “Jig Time” a custom CSI quality downloadable specification for their pre-manufactured buildings (13129) or shelters (02870). And this same system provides, at the click of a computer key, downloadable elevation and plan view drawings ready to drag and drop in whatever CAD System you are using, be it Auto Cad, REVIT, etc.

If an architect is working with a building which would be, say, $10,000, and say, another $20,000 in site work, how many hours can he or she give to this part of the project and make money. The answer is very few, despite the tight dimensions, intricate wiring and frequent demands for an enhanced architectural look. 

Despite the architect’s time constraint, many vendors in this business do not have CSI quality specs and surely do not have them either readily downloadable or customizable, nor do these vendors have readily downloadable prints by style of building in PDF and editable DWG, much less downloadable into the various CAD systems used by 97% of the CAD operators and for the architect to Point, Click, Specify, and Get Drawings. 

Austin Mohawk has worked to develop their industry-leading system to help architects to save time and money. And, Austin Mohawk clearly feels that this system will help their Company be specified more often in the future.

So, how does this new system run and is it easy to work with or a pain? Austin Mohawk reports that the reception given this system has been truly remarkable. From the sales side, it brings the potential for enhanced professionalism and the ability to help the customer create just the spec they want. For the architect, who said, ‘I’ve already bookmarked this, this will save me time as well as allow us to be more specific about what we want without taking extra time’. And for the design builder, who said, ‘God, I wish you had this system last summer when we started working with you – it would have saved so many hours plus it is so easy, you do not have to work with this 24/7 to be able understand it’.

So, let’s test-drive the system. First, one goes to On Austin Mohawk’s home page there is a box in the left-hand column entitled "Specs & CAD" – hit that box. On the page entitled “Specifications for AustinMohawk Structures”, hit the big "red C" for either Buildings or Shelters. A page will come up that looks like this:

Here are the easy steps:


While Austin Mohawk can build any number of styles, this system focuses on style name found in the Austin Mohawk website or in the Austin Mohawk brochure.

Having selected an architectural style by name, now hit the "SPEC" box. The first selection is to pick an Aluminum Building, Steel Building, Aluminum Shelter, or Steel Shelter. Now, you proceed down each option dropdown for size, type of glazing, doors, heat/AC, etc., and you can create the entire CSI quality spec you want. And, this system under Par 1.5 “Performance Requirements” handles 2 key areas that are specific to structures: 

a) First is 3rd Party Approval. Not having 3rd Party Approval when it turns out to be needed can cause a building to be refused by the AHJ and getting 3rd Party Approval after the fact, depending on the state, is tough to impossible and at the very least very expensive. So, here the architect/engineer can specify if 3rd Party Approval is required or not.

b) Second, is a P.E. Stamp required.

Finishing the spec development – by checking the boxes as needed, one can hit the blue "Go" and “wow”!, you have a custom 3-part spec you can drag and drop.

Now, the drawings. Hit the "PREV" box for the style you have selected. Immediately you have an elevation and plan view drawing. And, if you go to the AutoCad drop down box in the upper right-hand corner, you may have these drawings in any of about 7 of the popular CAD systems that cover 97% of all CAD operators.

Now, these "PREV" drawings are not editable, but if you hit the back button and then hit "DWG," this drawing is editable for those who need to change a door position or so on.

And, finally there is a "PDF" box to hit if all you need is a PDF drawing with an interactive box for you to select the size dimensions for that style you wish – done.

What is clear is that it has taken considerably longer to write this article than it takes to create the spec and the drawings you need to make your money and move onto some other part of your project. 

So, it is easy and quick to enjoy this industry-leading new tool that can save the architect time and money, all with the click of the computer key.

Austin Mohawk provides custom CSI quality specs and drawings to the architectural community 3 different ways. On this website where the data is open to all, thru, and thru ARCAT Spec Wizard (, so there is real depth in the Austin Mohawk architectural bench.


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