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Shelter Design Applications:

A shelter can be defined as a non-enclosed weather protective structure. Bus or transit shelters are an active part of the streetscape in most communities. There they serve in three ways: 1) weather protection from rain, snow, or sun for transit passengers; 2) the public distribution source for advertising or public information on bus and train routes; 3) to enhance the appearance of the street environs.

Designing A Sports Announcer's Booth:

Gee, designing a Sports Announcer's Booth...kind of a fun project. What do I know? Well, a Press Box or Sports Announcer's Booth really gets used 5 to maybe 15 times a year, depending on the sport. The rest of the year - well, they get no attention, no heat, no cooling, really no TLC at all. Yet, it is exposed to the rain, snow, sun, humidity, the silent wear and tear of the weather, and of course, curious students after hours who could be just curious or vandals desiring to start a fire. Yet, I know no school has money to maintain anything.

Guard Booths/Shacks:

Designing a Guard Booth, Guard Shack, or Security Booth is interesting. The designer needs to consider the functionality of the building, the level of security required, and how that security capability is designed to work when it is put to the test. The designer will likely need to think about the aesthetics of the building as well, so it fits in with its surroundings.

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