"Steve was a great help in procuring, building, and delivering modular buildings to our sites..."

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The Austin Mohawk brand represents our promise of something different.

Better in terms of performance, quality, value, and trust.

Austin Mohawk has spent more than 80 years building superior quality prefabricated structures. Our product line-up includes Pre-manufactured Buildings, Shelters, Press Boxes, and Overhead Metal Canopies. Our custom built structures are modular, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Our Overhead Metal Canopies and Walkway Covers are designed, fabricated, and shipped for on-site erection. We are known for our breadth of design options, depth of engineering, and better than competitive lead times.

For over 80 years we’ve been building trust.

Why Austin Mohawk?


  • More Customer Solutions
  • Broader Product Line
  • BIM Objects Available
  • CSI Quality Specs


  • 3D Parametric Engineering
  • Structural Engineering Experience
  • Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless


  • Knowledgeable, reliable, responsive service since 1924
  • Better than competitive lead times
  • National Installation

Austin Mohawk may not be a household name like G.E., IBM, Proctor & Gamble or Microsoft, but Austin Mohawk is proud to champion the same emphasis on leadership, quality and value.

On Spec - There is product and there is the right product.  We may ask a lot of questions up front but getting the product "right" up front gets you the product you need right once.

On Code - We strive to work to high standards and to really be knowledgeable of the codes and to execute our products to these higher standards.

On Time - We have a proven history of maintaining our lead times and having consistently shorter lead times during the busy times.  If an order has a delivery date on it, Austin Mohawk can make you look good.

Guard Booth, Access Control Overhead Metal Canopies On Spec, On Code, On Time - Professionally Executed

Austin Mohawk is a veteran owned business.